Love & Joy From Faraway Places

The significance of the marigold flower has become its association and connection with travel, culture and a bohemian lifestyle. The thought of a marigold flower brings back beautiful memories from my travels. It has influenced my vision for Marigold Interiors to be based on globally inspired textiles and prints.

Marigold flowers are widely used as a sacred flower for religious ceremonies and offerings. In India, they are threaded into garlands to decorate weddings, while in Mexico they are used in celebration for Día de los Muertos. In Bali, they can be found everywhere. Marigold garlands are draped around Balinese Hindu statues, lining the steps in restaurants, and on every doorstep as an offering to the gods.

The aesthetic of your home is a reflection of your personality. I believe it should evoke joy and help you relive your most treasured experiences. With my designs I hope I can bring love and joy from faraway places to your home.

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